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About Us

Modelle Cosmetic is an Australian manufacturer with a global presence and the leading worldwide distributor of luxury beauty brands RevitaSmile and RevitaSmile PRO. RevitaSmile is manufactured according to the strict guidelines.

Once the exclusive domain of the dental industry, RevitaSmile & RevitaSmile PRO are Australia's best known professional tooth whitening systems known for their ability to rapidly whiten, brighten and illuminate your smile safely in the comfort and convenience of your home.

RevitaSmile and RevitaSmile PRO boasts Pro-Radiance + Ultra Active Oxygen Technology which accentuates the alluring warmth and sensuality of one's smile quickly, easily and conveniently with minimal effort. It has been the secret behind many of today's most dazzling smiles and the #1 beauty accessory celebrities and models have kept secret for decades.

Unlike other whitening brands being sold on the internet by third party vendors, RevitaSmile and RevitaSmile PRO are clinically formulated by our team of leading industry experts and manufactured under strict laboratory conditions here in Australia. RevitaSmile and RevitaSmile PRO only use the finest dental ingredients to ensure a safe and enjoyable whitening experience every time.

The RevitaSmile Visionary Element Range is marketed all over the world to Dentist, Beauty Salon, Pharmacy Chains and International Cosmetic Companies. Our dental products share the strength consistency as those sold at dental practices all over Australia but at a fraction of the cost so you can enjoy the benefit from hundreds of dollars in savings.

Now it's your turn to dazzle the world with a brighter, whiter smile and enjoy the whitening result that Supermodel, Movie Star, Television Personalities and Rock Stars all rave about.