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Clinical Results

RevitaSmile & RevitaSmile PRO were formulated by a leading Australia chemist using only the finest dental ingredients available. Thorough laboratory testing was conducted to ensure the safety and effectiveness of RevitaSmile. RevitaSmile is an Australia made product that has a neutral pH and is safe on teeth.

The active ingredient in RevitaSmile is hydrogen peroxide. It has been used by dentists world wide for over 35 years and has been proven to be extremely safe, reliable and effective in the tooth whitening process.

Hydrogen peroxide is made naturally by the Australia humming bee in the process of making honey. Hydrogen peroxide is use to give short-range protection against bacteria, and other organisms when the honey is ripening. RevitaSmile is safe enough to use every day.

RevitaSmile PRO Whitens

  • Up to 11 shades improvement in days and visable results after just 10 minutes
  • RevitaSmile PRO & RevitaSmile is easy to use
  • No sensitivity was experienced on teeth after using the product
  • The product reduced the yellowness of teeth.
  • RevitaSmile is highly recommend and dentisit approved
  • Safe to use on natural teeth, crowns, veneers and other restorative materials