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What Is RevitaSmile?

RevitaSmile is the finest cosmetic home teeth whitening system in the world. You will experience the most astonishing whitening results every produced by a home whitening system, equaled only by your dentist.

Who uses RevitaSmile?

Supermodels and Movie Stars to hardcore Rock Star rave about the results produced by RevitaSmile.
People from all over the world, turn to RevitaSmile to produce the whitening results that the rich and famous have kept secret about for decades. Now it’s your turn to dazzle the world with your whiter smile.

How safe is RevitaSmile?

It has been used by dentists worldwide for over 35 years and has been proven to be extremely safe, reliable and effective in the tooth whitening process. RevitaSmile is safe enough to use every day.

How is RevitaSmile different?

RevitaSmile is a professional dental whitening gel. It is more effective than any other home whitening systems. RevitaSmile uses 6%dental strength hydrogen peroxide to gain dramatic results within 7 days. RevitaSmile PRO also uses 6% dental strength hydrogen peroxide however it is more effective in whitening your teeth. Other brands, have as little as 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and take more than 28 days to produce the most minimal of results.

What are my choices in teeth whitening systems?

  • Laser Bleaching - performed by dentists, 90-minute procedure. Costs between $900-$1500.
  • Brush-on Gels – not in contact with the tooth long enough to work effectively- poor results.
  • Whitening Toothpaste – easy to use, not effective in whitening.
  • Home Bleaching kits– sold by chemists, take up to 28 days with poor results.
  • Home Bleaching Systems - sold by dentist costs around $450-$800.

Why RevitaSmile?

RevitaSmile is manufactured by Modelle Dentaceutica the company that owns the luxury brand RevitaSmile. It is proven to be the most astonishing whitening system on the market, that really works. It produces amazing results identical to the more expensive dental home bleaching systems, but at a fraction of the cost.