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Our Story


The Story of RevitaSmile 

Syms Ronchi started RevitaSmile with a dream to build a high end global cosmetics brand. Without any experience what-so-ever in business, and very little money, Syms, in 2005 discovered that the world of cosmetics was missing a key beauty component, teeth whitening beautification. 

What sparked the idea he saw many beauty posters of glamours women promoting cosmetic brands from all over the world however something was missing. Teeth whitening was the exclusive domain of the dental industry,cosmetic brands were focused on makeup and over looked teeth whitening kits as a beauty accessory.

Syms felt, a beautiful white glamours smile was the first and most naturally appealing element in the beauty process. It offered a sense of internal optimism, external beauty and a sense of health, power and confidence to women & men who need more from their brands. He wanted Revitasmile to exceed all his customer expectation so he began researching and so the journey began.

There was a big gap which to exploit in the cosmetics market and being the first to discover this niche I had years to work on its development. Then life did a 180 degree turn and Revitasmile was placed on the self. For years hes dreams took the back sit, he had lost his confidence his drive to succeed and passion for everything in life. Years went by, on and off he'd had burst of optimism to complete the finishing details, but it was hard he felt defeated.

After many years building up a business researching the industry and talking with product engineers, chemist, designer, packaging specialist, logistics and all the other stuff, in 2011, Revitasmile was completed, a website developed and the brand launched on-line.

As hard as life is and no matter what life throws at you, never give up, Chip away at your dream and turn it into a reality. ts never to early to start or to late to finish, just as long as you do both. Never give up on your passion to change the world and create something that people want, love, enjoy and will share with others.

Placing an advertisement in the yellow pages is far behind us. These day's Social Media helps market products. Revitasmile and our range of teeth whitening kits reaches thousand of customers world wide.

We would love you to enjoy the benefits of RevitaSmile the #1 beauty accessory that people have kept secret for decades.

Best Wishes

Syms Ronchi

Founder of RevitaSmile